Eliott Peacock was born in Seattle in 1973. Raised by a painter (mother) and a jazz bassist/composer (father), he was encouraged to follow his muse. Eliott moved to Aspen, Colorado after high school and spent the next 7 years mountaineering and snowboarding competitively. He returned to Seattle in 1999 and earned his Baccalaureate in International Affairs at the University of Washington (2004). While completing his degree, he undertook grant-funded research and leadership projects in Norway, France, and Italy in the fields of genetic ecology and International Policy.

In 2012, Eliott opened a small photography studio in his home, providing image services to local independent makers, and then closed the studio when he moved to the Catskill Mountains (New York) in 2017. It was at this time that he began working without a camera. He experimented with his physical vision, paid close attention to the way the sensed world became impulses felt within his body, and how mental images formed in response. It was a time of training his body and senses, 'rewilding' himself in the Catskill Forest Preserve.

Eliott’s photography resumed in 2020 as an art practice. His work is reflective of his love of nature, a fascination with optics and light, and an abiding trust that his perceptual experiences can evoke a spontaneous and improvisational use of his camera with precision. In 2021 his photography changed following the passing of his father. The Light Recordings are the outcome of answering his father’s last request: Rejoice! They are also a continuation of conversations with his father on the subjects of tonality, improvisation, and creativity.

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